Denise Sokolsky

Translucency and opacity, fragility and strength, fragmentation and wholeness are dichotomous qualities intrinsic to my art. I manipulate surface texture to achieve a play with light through layers of sheer fabric, mylar, or open weave structures to create multidimensional surfaces. The tension between the these textural elements of surface and partial transparency create mystery in what lies underneath and inside.

My work also references fragments, pieces, portions, and yet when formed together becomes whole. Thus, the work stands metaphorically and is an expression of my diverse life experiences, places, professions. Subconsciously the scientist emerges and collaborates with the artist. ‘Glass slides’ are stitched together to form new organic shapes. And the biology of nature as experienced in the beauty of the seashore seep into my consciousness and thus into my studio.

Fiber can be soft, flowing, sturdy, firm, transparent, opaque, cut into pieces, stitched together. My work often appears ethereal, fragile in its transparency. The fibers, however, are strong, my stitching sturdy, and together create a tension of opposites. Whether two dimensional, as an art cloth, or three dimensional as a garment encasing the body, I strive for these dichotomies while maintaining a harmonious composition.